I hope I learnt my lesson well! Keep an eye on/ keep an eye out

I briefly must go shopping. Keep an eye on the kids.

My job as a nurse is keep an eye on patients ".

We are going by car. Keep an eye out of the signs.

I walk in the downtown and keep an eye out the sightseeings

Jun 6, 2018 10:29 PM
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Very good, except it should be "keep an eye out for the signs" and "keep an eye out for the sights." Sightseeing cannot be used as a noun. It is only a verb. Another word for sights is "attractions."
June 6, 2018
"Keep an eye out for the signs"

"Keep an eye out for the attractions"

Thanks so much Erin, I will better keep an eye out for my mistakes

June 6, 2018