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The latest language challenge

So, the latest "Language Challenge" is starting in July! Are you planning to take up the challenge? Why or Why not?

If you are, please check out my teaching profile for an amazing 20-lesson offer, that can help give your English learning a shot in the arm! 

Of course, you will also get a much sought after badge to display as evidence of your commitment. 

Jun 7, 2018 4:58 AM
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I didn't downvote your comment and also just gave your second comment an upvote but I want to explain why I don't like the italki challenge. I'm taking lessons here, so I'm not at all against paying for lessons, and if I had more time and money, I'd even be able to reach the minimum of 12 classes. But the people who normally take a lot of classes, do so anyway, so where's the challenge? And apart from that, the main challenge is being able to afford the classes. Why not have an official writing challenge or a correction challenge? Something that would also include users, who can't afford several hundred dollars per month for classes?

I also liked the idea of the diversity challenge but didn't understand why one hour in a minority language was enough in addition to 12 hours in a more sought after language. I took part in the olympic challenge and did four classes in four different languages in a week. That was sort of fun. But the upcoming challenge is only about taking as many classes as possible (with a minimum of 12) and there's not even a theme.

June 8, 2018


I actually completely agree with you. :) I don't see any element of challenge in it either. I just participate for the sake of participating, since I'm taking lessons anyway. I think we all liked the diversity challenge the most, because at least it had a tiny element of something special in it, but like you said, not even that much, just one hour. I understand that the main purpose of these challenges for italki is to earn more money, but it would be nice if they could make it more fun and challenging. 

June 8, 2018

What’s wrong about liking a challenge that consists in taking lessons? What’s wrong about saying that I liked to take a lesson in Maltese? Why downvote me instead of saying the reasons of your disagreement?

Those who dislike the idea of taking lessons should consider the fact that the fees pay also the functioning of the website. Without the paying members this site would close!

June 7, 2018
No, I won’t participate because I neither have the time nor the money to take that many classes and the badge has no meaning for me. I’m participating in other language challenges which give me daily speaking and writing practice and I just take classes at my own pace and only as many as I can afford. 
June 7, 2018
@ Bennett I also liked that challenge last year and booked a lesson in Maltese. It was interesting with my B2 Arabic, my native Italian and my decent English I understood quite a bit. But didn't continue. 
June 7, 2018
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