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Thinking in your second language Have you tried thinking in your second language (aka not your mother tongue)? Was it voluntary or involuntary (i.e. were you purposely trying to think in this language or you just realized at some point that you're thinking not in your native tongue)? Was it difficult or not? Do you still do it occasionally? Please, share your experience!
Jun 7, 2018 3:49 PM
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I think in English quite a lot - as much as possible (I do it on purpose). I have made it a habit and have done it for many years, so it's quite natural for me now. Sometimes I notice I'm thinking in Danish, then I switch back to English.

It helps me maintain my English and to discover holes in my vocabulary, because I'm thinking about something and suddenly I don't know how to express it in English. Then I have to consult a dictionary or perhaps ask a question here on italki.

June 7, 2018

Hello :)

In my experience, I've been learning english for a quiet long time and I should say I found myself thinking in english than in spanish (which is my mother tongue) it's involuntary but I already used to it :D For me it's not difficult as I'm always talking with people and that helps to my vocabulary as well :)

If you are learning a language, I recommend you to write, read, listen, talk and mostly THINK, that will help to your brain to adapt and be more easy when you have to talk to people :D

Greetings :)

June 7, 2018
Well actually yes. I often think in more than one langauge at a time and switch half way through a sentence.  To be honest  this has affected my speech , due to the fact that I start thinking and speaking in one language and half way through start thinking in another and end up getting confused and jumbling my words around. It's pretty cool though but also involuntary.  :)    
June 7, 2018
Actually,it's kinda fantastic just marvelous

For me another language is another prospective another way of thinking

I have been doing this with english for maybe 6 years.

June 7, 2018

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