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Vocabulary in Poetry: "Accent" by Rupi Kaur

Poetry is a fun way to learn new vocabulary. In this poem by New York Times bestselling author, Rupi Kaur, she deals with the issue of her English accent.

New vocabulary words:

offspring: child or children of a particular parent
(awf-spring -- the stress is on the 1st syllable)

colliding: to crash into
(kuh-lahyd-ing -- the stress is on the 2nd syllable)

ashamed: embarrassed, sorry, or guilty
(uh-sheymd -- the stress is on the 2nd syllable)

Accent by Rupi Kaur
my voice
Is the offspring
of two countries colliding
what is there to be ashamed of
if English
and my mother tongue
made love
my voice
is her father's words
and mother's accent
my mouth carries two worlds

*Note: The poem is written for you exactly as it appears in her book the sun and her flowers. The author chooses not to use proper capitalization in her works.

Let's discuss it!

1) What does this poem mean to you?
2) Have you ever been ashamed of your accent when speaking in English?
3) Is accent reduction important to you?

Jun 8, 2018 4:37 AM