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These days, I sometimes find people (including myself) spending time mindlessly, working or taking rests in the almost same manner every day. Of course it is necessary to have routine or automatize some parts of lifestyle, but I believe it could beget a kind of lethargy or depression. Staying conscious of one's own life, with the sense of novelty or excitement, is really important, isn't it?

Then, how could we live our lives mindfully? Do you have any tricks to attain this? I'd appreciate if you could share your idea.

By the way, I have a custom to take notes each time I come across a splendid idea or philosophy or some other things I shouldn't forget, such as what I want to experience at least once before I die.

Jun 8, 2018 2:57 PM
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I have no ideas besides being conscious what you do or in other words  it’s important to have goals;?one then , next one and so on.

i have mentioned that it’s significant  what kind oc people are surrounded you. As my best friend said ( the obvious thing): you have to communicate with positive people at least. Having said “ at least”, he thought that ideally, people have to be determined/having a goal and not just spend days and nights online.

Interestingly, spending time mindlessly might act as a virus, which degradates you. I had such experience. Weird. Unexpected. I would say I hate that time. Not  so far ago. 

If it possible, could you share one idea you put down.  

Thanks for thoughts-provoking discussion. 

June 12, 2018

Hi, Naomichi!

1) I'd recommend to understand and think from time to time that your family role, your profession, nationality, gender, biological type of human being ARE NOT YOU. All the listed things are your costumes and tools which are given for expressing real you. 2) Honestly listen to yourself and express yourself every day. Maybe it will lead you to some borders and conflicts. That's a game to express yourself with less damage to the enviroment and without repressing yourself

June 8, 2018

Thank you, Natalia !

I have written things like this in my note, for example: "At any moment, your vision is both physically and mentally limited. Keeping that in mind, try to find out what you are now blind to."

But, not surprisingly, I later found this rather difficult to practice even to myself. And I've recently added the line that follows: "If you are passing monotonous days, it probably means that you are losing interest in the surrounding world and people. Keep it mind that you cannot know everything of anything."

Checking the note that I (in the past) wrote to myself (in the future), I try to keep conscious.

June 16, 2018

Thank you for all the comments!

It was especially impressive to me that I got a motive to refocus on Buddhism and meditation, which have some connection to where I live, Japan. I'd like to study and think these matters over again, considering what you all told to me.

June 9, 2018
Yes, it is very interesting!
June 8, 2018
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