For listen skills Refer me right way to hear audio... 
Jun 9, 2018 3:27 AM
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Oh. Roy. You are asking for the ways of listening skills? You can listen to music with familiar pronunication. Then try notetaking. Just listen first time without subtitle. Then try to write down what you hear in second time listening. Last time listen and to see the transcript subtitle. Exercise couple times I think you will improve your listening skills. When you improve you'd better to listen like caesy neistat on youtube. That is fast speed. When I cannot follow up the fast conversation. I would catch the key words and skip the new strange words. That is my technique trick. It depends on individual. And someone just watches friends or tv show to get familiar. The more you listen. The easier you will get. 
June 9, 2018

Hi. Ravi kumar roy.

I wrote a thread that something like yours. I dont know you are learning british or american? 


Do you name roy?

June 9, 2018
Of course.. Thanks you very much 
June 9, 2018