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WHY ITALKI? Why can't we delete comments? Why can't we delete discussions? Why can't we delete questions? Why can't we delete answers? Why can't we delete corrections? Why can't we undo up and downvotes? Why are you creating double posts for us? 
Feel free to add more questions.
Jun 9, 2018 4:02 PM
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For deleting a discussion, you ask the italki team to remove it. And you can delete all words in a comment. It is possible to undo up- and downvotes. At least right away. Sometimes I accidentally downvote because on my phone the thumbs are so small. If I immediately click upvote it is reversed.


Your address, please! I'm on my way...

June 9, 2018
I hid 1 million dollars under my bed. Now you all know my secret and there is no way to remove my comment. Thus undermining my safety and my million dollars. Italki fix this ASAP!! 
June 9, 2018
You go to the library and read newspapers as they were printed in 1956. Not 'edited' by next generations of journalists to come.

But many people want to be able to edit them:) The ruler has changed, the ruling party is different, what was 'fashionable' before is 'racism', what was 'respect' is 'harrassment', good guys and Saviours of your county in past are Traitors today. How do you think our historians know when someone on very top of North Korean ruling party was declared a traitor and killed?

They do not always say it openly!
June 9, 2018
Sara, for me this sounds as if a politician gave an agnry speech in parliament on the subject of being unable to delete his previous speeches from the archives:)

I mean, a post for me is a 'room', 'round table' 'conference' somethign like that. Other people speak here.
A comment for me is, again, public performance.
I understand that there can be an environenment where everythign can be deleted. But it is a genre. Archived environment is another genre. I underestand that there are people who like both. But let's respect both genres. No need to speak about my 'native' envronment (archives:)) as if it was some utter nonsense.

I don't like the feeling of "unstable ground" when I can't refer to what I was once reading. And you don't like leaving thigs in pubic access.
June 9, 2018
@Miriam. It's the 3rd last house with a balcony down the street. Not that hard to miss. ;)
June 9, 2018
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