Do you trust to your sixth sense?
Some days ago I had to fill some forms. Long official forms, I must have to be caution to fill it. One of them didn’t print very well. My sixth sense told “don’t fill it, they don’t accept you”. But I ignore my sixth sense and filled it. It took one hour time.
Today my principle saw it and she said it must be filled again. It wasn’t printed clear. And I said my sixth sense said to me. All my efforts wasted.
My sixth sense always warns me and it is true most of the time although I ignore it.
Do you have sixth sense? Do you consider it?
Should we trust to sixth sense? Where is its resource?

Jun 9, 2018 7:13 PM
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Marcin i have your problem exactly. it seems we all as human being have inner voice. not only one voice but also a fight is inside our mind. one voice tell do it another tell don't do. and about your feeling about discussions and comments yes i have your problem too. i often regret because of my discussions our my comments. i often wish i weren't there on italki. and the expression exact mean is sometimes difficult.

about sixth sense, i think it is a mind - ability and it is better we pay attention to our feeling

June 10, 2018
I think I have no sixth sense  :(
But these things happen to me anyway. There are situation when I have to make a decision and do something I'm not sure if I should do. Then it happens that something tries to stop me from doing that. E.g. I prepare the document, click on 'Save' and my work disappears. I try again and with the same result. 'Ok. Someone tries to tell me I shouldn't do that today. Maybe I should take the rest and try tomorrow with a fresh mind.' When I ignore this 'inner voice' and do it anyway, it appears it wasn't the best decision. 
Sometimes I think about possible negative aspects of my decision  - and it happens  (according to the Murphy's law). I decided to take part in one of Italki discussions, but I wanted to comment in a more relaxed way (maybe even a bit funny). Then it came to my mind 'And what if everybody will take the topic seriously?'. And it happened. My comment there seems to be stupid or at least childish. I even considered deleting it's content. But for what purpose - we are all learning anyway. I'm just among those who like to write (I've enjoyed your notebook entry BTW.).
We can call it the sixth sense or the other way - we often hesitate or at least have some doubts, and memories of these doubts return when it comes out that we didn't make the best decision. 
June 9, 2018

My sixth sense is balance -

I don't usually consider confirmation bias a sense myself, but I guess it's subjective.

June 9, 2018
True story. I had a craving for meatballs at work the other day. And I felt like I was going to receive them one way or the other.

I swear, the moment I got back home from work. My neighbor sent in meatballs as a gesture to my home. So yes. I believe in my sixth sense as they earned me free meatballs. Hell yeah!!! 
June 9, 2018
That is all about the intuition. That is kind of making the conclusion that we cannot formally verbalize. I do believe all of us have that, because of all of us has the brain. However, not everybody believes and even self-reflecting that thing.
June 10, 2018
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