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Hello everyone, this is my first entry ever on here and I have decided to share a part of one of my favorite childhood poems with you. It is a cleverly written poem about a little hedgehog written by one of the greatest Yugoslavian authors, Branko Ćopić. I hope this brings back childhood memories to those who have heard/read it before and helps those who are looking to learn Serbian. Without the further ado... enjoy!

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Јежева кућица</font>


По шуми, широм, без стазе, пута
Јежурка Јежић поваздан лута.
Ловом се бави често га виде,
с триста копаља на јуриш иде.
И вук и медо, па чак и – овца,
познају јежа, славнога ловца.
Јастреб га штује, вук му се склања,
змија га шарка по сву ноћ сања.
Пред њим дан хода, шири се страва,
његовим трагом путује слава.


Po šumi, širom, bez staze, puta
Ježurka Ježić povazdan luta.
Lovom se bavi često ga vide,
s trista kopalja na juriš ide.
I vuk i medo, pa čak i – ovca,
poznaju ježa, slavnoga lovca.
Jastreb ga štuje, vuk mu se sklanja,
zmija ga šarka po svu noć sanja.
Pred njim dan hoda, širi se strava,
njegovim tragom putuje slava.


<font size="2" style="">Throughout the woods, without path and way,
Ježurka Ježić is wandering the whole day.
Often can be seen hunting, it is his business,
he attacks with three hundred spines.
The wolf and the bear, and even the sheep,
know the hedgehog, the glorious hunter.
The hawk respects him, the wolf keeps off his way,
it’s in the striped snake’s bad dreams.
The day walks in front of him, the terror is spreading, 
glory travels on his trail.

Jun 10, 2018 7:14 PM
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June 10, 2018

Hello Ina, it is very nice poem. I am certain in Serbian it is nicer. 

I gave the rein to my imagination to imagine that  hunter.

June 10, 2018