Nghi Vo
I would like to improve my English and become more fluent. Please help me!
Jun 11, 2018 3:02 AM
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Hi Rachel

Fluency for me is when you are able to speak, even at times, without thinking.

As a fellow English language learner I can tell you a few things that have helped me and I hope you find something useful too out of them. Practicing in different situations is the key.

1. I used to call different help line numbers for booking a bus, registering a complaint, etc. Telephonic conversations with a                         tele representative have limited context so you could practice your English over and over using the same context which helps                improve fluency, secondly if you make a mistake and are embarrassed you could always hang up ;)

2.  Ordering/Eating out in a restaurant and asking the waiter about the menu and the ingredients of the dishes in  English. If it tastes           good it will  be easier to remember too. :D

3. Think in English for a specific task of the day daily till it becomes a habit. For me it was taking a bath early morning and reviewing         my last day and today's itinerary in English. I was thinking in English all day once I started this. Try it for any task and repeat it daily        till it becomes as second nature for you.

4. Teaching someone who is worse than yourself in English. This one takes a lot of  time and patience but it is so worth it.

Which one's have you tried out? and what are your ways to achieving proficiency in spoken English?
I am too a fellow learner so it might help..


June 11, 2018


That was good. I liked your tips. I’m a native English speaker, so I never had to go through any of that, but the principles can apply to any foreign language learning. That was quite good about talking on the phone, because that’s considered the hardest thing for anyone learning a foreign language to do, talk on the phone in the target language. This is because they say about 80% of comprehension is visual and you lose those visual clues when you’re on the phone. So, it’s more challenging. Don’t find the easiest thing to do in your target language, find the hardest, like talking on the phone and the rest will come easier. Good job. 

June 11, 2018
Hi Rachel! It seems like italki is a great starting point. What are you looking to practice or learn?
June 11, 2018
Immerse yourself and you'll eventually get there - good luck! :) 
June 11, 2018
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June 11, 2018