How can i improve my english vocab??? heey evey one if i want to improve my vocab in english how can i do this (there's any app about this) thanks in advance 
Jun 11, 2018 6:16 AM
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Mind mapping can help you. You just set the vocab in categories you need to remember each day.

You practice using each word by making sentence or even in conversation.

You need to find the suitable way could help you memorize since each one has different style in memorize.

As asking for app and www, it has many so you just use google to search for.

I used ti use picture dictionary by Oxford it helps me a lot.

Hope my idea can help you.

June 11, 2018

I've used the underlying website and have got a proper feedback.

June 11, 2018
I find reading is an excellent way to increase vocabulary and I recommend it to my students.  I have used the Fluent Forever method of using flashcards with the Anki app to help me with Italian vocabulary.  
June 11, 2018

You can try connecting the word with a picture or link it up with something you find similar in sound and meaning to help you remember it. Here is a good dictionary that does that - ;

June 11, 2018
There are some good English apps to help you with your vocab. Especially 11 plus ones. You can also search for Learn English Vocabulary but I haven't tried it yet.
June 11, 2018
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