Hey! I'm ukrainian and my native language is Russian, so I'm looking for help with my english I need a partner, who can talk with me and teach something new. Also I'd like to learn more about verb tenses.
Jun 11, 2018 1:34 PM
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Hi Masha! There are wonderful teachers and language partners here on italki, so you should have no problems finding the right resources to fulfill your needs. Good luck! :) 
June 11, 2018

Hi Masha

Are you looking for a paid experienced teacher or just someone to chat with? I dont have any experience but I can help you improve your English. Also I know a little bit of Russian so you can help me improve Russian as well. 

You can contact me on Skype any time, my name is live:ed972a843e77bfc1

June 11, 2018
we have a international whatsApp group with a lot of italki people, if you are interested, send a message and i will invite you, thks
June 11, 2018
you can text me if you are intrested 
June 11, 2018