First steps in Italian learning

Hey guys! I just started learning Italian last week and, while it comes a little intuitive to me (I speak Spanish and Portuguese), I still would like to know if there is any advice form all of the Italian learners and Italian natives out there to speed up the learning process. When I say speed up I´m not trying to learn in a week, I just want to make the transition from 0 to being able to defend myself in everyday situations more fluent (pun intended).

I´ll be waiting for any suggestions!

Thank you all!

Jun 12, 2018 11:21 PM
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Hi! I'm an italian girl. If you want i can help you. Maybe you can encourage me to emprove my english. Write me,se can chat on Skype. Whit vocals messages it's funny and you can practice on writing and listening.



June 17, 2018

Hi Alejandro

As you continue to progress in your studies, I would encourage you to take every opportunity to listen more by either downloading a podcast, tuning into the radio (news and music), and especially when you’re on the move, use that time to engage more, interactively.

All the best with your studies.  [emoji]


June 16, 2018
I know it sounds boring, but if you already have some meat nimal Italian skills... read a book.

Otherwise take a week vacation in a small village.... where nobody speaks english...

June 14, 2018
Choose a good material to study from if you will study alone as you can use youtube,the italian radio, italian tv channels and try to practice with people who speak the same language 
June 14, 2018

June 13, 2018