business scholarship at Australia How to prepare to get 100% scholarship at Australia university 
Jun 13, 2018 8:13 AM
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Hi April, that could be very difficult. I'm not actually sure if a 100% scholarship is even possible for Australian citizens here, let alone for international students. It can easily cost $20,000 each year for an Australian citizen/resident to study here and I believe it is much more expensive for international students. The possibility of a scholarship would depend a lot on what university you want to go to and whether you were doing undergraduate or postgraduate studies. You will need a very high IELTS score to get university entrance. I suggest you look into what university you actually would like to go to and then check out what scholarships they have on offer. If you have exceptional grades and outstanding English you might have a chance of getting a partial scholarship maybe. Also remember cost-of-living is very high in Australia and you will need to prove you have enough money for accommodation/food/tickets out of Australia to get a visa. I hope that helps!
June 13, 2018