Laws, Risks and Responsibilities The problem that I'd wish to speak about most concerns to people of extreme professions which are obliged with higher responsibility for life and health of their representatives themselves and people around. I mean medicals, policemen, militaries, rescuers. Maybe it sounds strange to many people but sometimes they face situations when strict following of their instructions, standards and even the laws of their countries can lead to higher risks, failures and even fatal outcomes. Some of those extremals act as slaves of laws and rules but such tactics don't guarantee that they will escape from claims of victims and sittings in courts. Some others take risks and act with best intentions but contrary to laws and instructions. They are guided by morality as they understand it and by the reasonableness. In case of success, they sometimes deserve the title of hero. But if it happens a failure, some people condemn them and state they are guilty.  What do you think about all that? Do you have your personal experience in situations of such kind?
Jun 13, 2018 8:57 AM
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You're right Andrey. Obeying all the rules and being helpful and compassionate human being at the same time becomes hard nowadays. Bending (I mean slightly disobeying) the rules to help someone in his misfortune is risky to the person who helps. If the helper fails - the 'poor victim' is the first one to lead him to the court (and the judge says the case is obvious because the rules has been broken). The other people seeing someone disobeying the law think: 'He must have got a lot of money for that'. So the helper is accused of corruption.

People working in these risky professions are instructed to act exactly as the procedures say. They have to fill in a lot of forms and take written agreements for everything they do to the other people. They are taught: 'Think about your own safety first, because no one else will take care of you'. And it leads to situations in which they are considered ineffective. The policeman can't use his weapon against the criminal, because the other will say it was unnecessary. The healthcare worker can't take care about seriously ill patient, because the others will say they are waiting longer than this patient.

Some people just obey the rules and don't allow any discussion about it. I had to visit the doctor (specialist in a rare field) and tried to get the convenient time of my visit. The lady at the reception said: 'The next available time of visit is ... You can be appointed to this hour or try your luck somewhere else.' She refused to appoint me for the next day although the schedule for that day was still empty. So I will have to ask my boss for one day free from work to go to the doctor.

June 13, 2018