FIFA World Cup 2018 Super Duper Mega Wombo Combo Extravaganza!

Hello everyone! 

Since this prestigious football event is looming upon us. Once in every 4 years event. People wait for so long to watch their country play football at the highest possible level. Expecting the players to bring honor/glory and gold back home.

For the players, it as moment of a lifetime as they get to represent their country. They prepare for this moment, since the day they realize, they have the ability to kick a round object better than 99% of humanity. Their dearest emotions are teased in this sport. Pride, hatred, rage, greed, ambition, resilience, exhilaration. Strong desire to be the hero, the superstar, the legend, wanting to be adored by millions. A plethora/mishmash of excitement awaits us. 

So my question to you is: "Which country is going to be utterly and soundly defeated with their hopes and dreams getting crushed in yet another World cup?" 

Jun 13, 2018 2:49 PM