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can any one tell me about the subjunctives
Mar 18, 2008 10:35 AM
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There are markers in Spanish that warrant the use of subjunctive:

Espero que
Necesito que
Puede (ser) que
Prefiero que
Quiero que
Me gusta que

Es un/a + noun que
Es + adjective que

Opinions expressing negativity
No creo que
No pienso que
No me parece que

Expressing feelings/emotions

Me alegro de que
Me molesta que
Me saca de quicio que
Me duele que
Me fastidia que
Me interesa que

Hope this helps.

July 3, 2008
Hi! In Spanish we use subjunctives when expressing wishes, doubts, petitions, hypothetical situations, suggestions, fears and other emotions, some examples of subjunctive verbs could be: Deseo que = I wish that... Espero que = I hope that... SI HUBIERÁ sabido = If I had known SI FUERA más alto = IF I WERE taller... (Like the 2nd conditional) (Él) parecía QUE FUERA/IBA A llorar = He looked AS THOUGH HE WERE GOING to cry... (But that didn't happend) Está prohibido = It's prohibited to... (Prohibition, permision, obligation) NO ME DAN MIEDO los truenos = thunder DOES NOT SCARE ME (Expressing fear... or lack of it)
March 24, 2008
Hi Kunal, Here's a discussion on this in another group, hope it helps you:
March 18, 2008
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