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Dating-Sites Eva wrote that we may talk abt this and that... just what's of interest for us Over 40s... Once we get to the topic "family", we would also have to mention "broken marriages"... and, consequently, "agents" to assist singles to finding their proper "match", a new suitable friend, soul-mate, lover, spouse... Let's share our experience in this field, and let others know abt "sources"... What do you think?
May 9, 2008 5:53 PM
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Maybe I'm just a cumputer idiot, but perhaps an inner voice urged me to warn anyone to use JHOOS.COM. Most recently on of my msn contacts added me for JHOOS and invited me to install that dating-program... Google says it's probably just another malware... My friends, pls be careful...
May 14, 2008
Hi, pls don't get me wrong. I'm not after a psycho's couch, and I would not cry and consequently don't search for someone who'd dry my tears... I just thought of very simple things which would take place in real life day by day...
May 14, 2008
when over 40, I believe that you have to think to yourself a bit after generally a long period during which you only lived for children education; you still exit as a person and individuality. Personalities changed, passions and hobbies changed too, sometimes it happens that the couple cannot live on a harmonous way anymore. If in this situation, there is a formidable choice to do at this point in time: either you try to keep your couple living as far as possible but not on an harmonour-s way, either you choice to separate and take another start ... but this is a VERY individual and VERY difficult choice. But you are worth to do this choice.
May 11, 2008
JP I thought when we get over 40, we all known how to face things .and how to care of peoples . also know how to do what we want.. is right?
May 10, 2008
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