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The best suggestions for Learning? If you are not living in the country (China or England) how do you practise speaking, reading or writing the language you wish to learn? I use audio but find it very diffcult to ensure I am right. My biggest problem is writing Traditional characters or reading them, Pinyin is not too bad but you don't often see this around? So, what do you suggest?
Feb 12, 2008 9:03 PM
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gee i was typing too much. so had to resume here. lol.

i dont really like the pinyin stuff. coz i think you can recognize some chinese characters, if not all. they carry the culture which cant be represented by pinyin. but i must say pinyin is really helpful when you cant read the character out.  oh so maybe pinyin should be referred to as the phonetic alphebet?

as for the reading and writing part....practice always makes perfect. so you need to force yourself to remember how those characters look and get some reading materials to "look at" every day. maybe it's like me reading AP news. a lot of words that make no sense. but it doesnt matter. so long as you get acquaintance with them, you'll tell them apart. <-- this is my theory. those appearing too many times definitely are important and you ought to keep them in mind.

my point being....keep trying and you'll learn it well one day. good luck^ ^
btw Happy New Year
January 1, 2011
first of all, i think it more important to know how to speak chinese than to write. coz i assume that writing is really harder than speaking:| you guys got great tongue but the abc thing and our stroke thing are just world apart. lol.

audio does great help i must say. the only thing you need is someone who can correct YOUR mistakes or give some comments. so maybe you can try livemocha, where ppl will rate your submissions and such.
or just make friends with some chinese and ask for help^ ^
anyway, i just  think it of great necessity for you to READ OUT LOUD.

January 1, 2011

First you must have a dictionary . Then you can watch some TV series and CCTV 4 . You will find it is simply to reading and listening esaier . And talk with some person who come from China . You don't worry about you pronunciation . Read widely . Look for materials that you find interesting , that you can understand without relying too much on a dictionary . A page a day is a good way to strat . As you go on , you will find that you can do more pages a day .

December 23, 2010

hi, i think  a book and a dvd is good choice. you just practise again and again.   a child can learn a language soon,i think you will learn it soon.  i usually encourage myself with the same thought.

i am an expert in pinyin. i am good at teaching. i am teaching my son with pinyin. it's easy,i am glad to help you if you like.  i am interested in learning english.we can help each other and share happiness and sadness.   i am kate. hope to be your friend.

August 4, 2010 This might help. It talks about the means to learn French (since I'm learning French), but it can be for any language. And by the way, there is a Chinese (Mandarin) section as well which you may want to take a look at if you have the time.
February 17, 2008
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