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what would you like most about China? Hallo/Hello/Nihao/你好! happy spring Festival.It's angelia.I'm Shangdongnese. What i love most about china is as below: 1.I love my hoemtown-shangdong,why? confucius, mount Tai,people,qindao,zibo,sea,bier,Football, 2.Family-my family this topic.I really appreciate my family to support me always.SO i believe i'm also the go-better. 3.China.a rising power.why/ we have 1.4 million people.we have the mind and soul to creat our great expectation.even now we are not's only a matter of time. certainly,we have taken the responsiblity always,like German can admit they made the mistakes in World War Second.all can lead to the bright road.we have many commitments to aford.this is our be powerful.the super man must take the great responsibility form the spider man. we love my land,the highest point is Mount Everst,the longest river yellow&yangtze river. it's the beautiful scene from the icy white wonderland in Harbin to the Fantasy land in Hainan. wow.we must work hard then to have a look-what happen in china/Great changes,Great people,like Great wall. our history is unique.we have many rise and fall.Even we were lost against japanes,we were eager to learn something.then we will leap and conquer all problems.all is possilbe.we have the faith.we are the chinese people,right?just like Greeks are proud of the greeek culture.the american too,the german dtoo,the japanese too.we respect any nation.we are also the great nation. more topics about my country.even though there are something unknown,we have the hope to adjust all. so we get to point for next!
Feb 6, 2008 1:20 PM
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it's the long post.sorry i make it in 3 passages.any topic.Let's share.thanks so much for your interest or question! angelia
February 6, 2008
5most time we are kind,great, also makes some msitakes between different culture aweness.don't mind if you have the open mind.Give the chinese peopel a hope,we show you around. haha,even i admire the german culture,but in my inner,i love so much about my own country.even i was hurt by some's true authentic feeling about China in brief. anyone have their personal opinion.i would like to share more!thanks for your time and your attention. let's unit to build my country better day by day.It depend on our shoulder! come on!grils and boys.we have the great expectaion! thanks and regards, angelia
February 6, 2008
4culture. I had studied in xi'an.i also visited in beijing,canton.Now i live in I know the versatile culture from past history to the open policy.The new china imagine. you can feel the impulse of oriental culture in china more,right?we also acquire different custom from the neighbour and the long-distance country.
February 6, 2008
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