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Lesson 1 - Some Words Main = I Oh = He/She Tu, tusi = You Eh = It Ah = This Oh = That Ik = A (ex. a girl = ik kuddi) Aa ja = Come(you come) Ayea = Came Aooga = Will come Khollna = Open (to open) Kholliya = Opened Kholluga = Will Open Baithna = Sit (to sit) Tuurna = Walk (to walk) Khana = Eat (to eat) Pinna = Drink Jittna = Win Janna = Go Bhujjna = Run Main jaanda haan = I go Oh jaanda hai He goes Oh ik seb khanda hai = He eats an apple Oh ik seb kha reha hai = He is eating an apple Usne ik seb khadha = He ate an apple Main pichhle hafte ik film wekhi = I saw a film/movie last week. Oh kal bus ton aai = She came by bus yesterday. Oh masjad gaie = They went to the mosque Oh saari rat sutta reha = He slept the whole night Usne paper wich changa likheya = He wrote well in the examination Usne kha liya hai = He has eaten Usne kha liya si = He had eaten Oh chal giya si = He had gone Oh a gaya si = He had come Oh kha lawega = He will eat Oh chala jawega = He will go Oh aa jayeega = He will come NOTE: SOME WORDS MAY BE MISSPELLED! Sorry for any inconvenience.
Feb 24, 2008 11:50 PM
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