Sue Strnadová
a female partner for CAE/CPE speaking practice (please read first)

Hey everyone!

I'm taking the CPE exam in October and I want to enhance my speaking. I hate talking formally but it's required apparently :-(.

So, I'm looking for a person (preferably a girl *) who has the same or similar intention. So that we would try talking on different topics and some speaking exercise from the CAE/P students' books.

Discussing any current issues is welcomed as well:-)

I must admit, I'm awfully busy but I'll do my best to find a mutual time arrangement. (My time zone - UTC+2h) 

I suggest a Skype call for 20-40 minutes, I'm able to prepare the content.

Since I keep getting peculiar messages:

* if you are a man and try to pump me about my private life, let alone have any personal proposals or offers then we are done talking very quickly.

Dec 6, 2018 2:57 PM
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thank you for the info Su.Ki, unfortunately, it doesn't apply to our centers :-(, they want us to speak formally, to prove that we have a higher level of English.So, I need to sound sophisticated. I've already heard that it varies and that exams in the UK are actually easier than in our country.

And since they need a certain percentage of those who fail, they can move the limits to pass. I don't know how it is possible but it lost its prestige to me a bit...
I don't think it happens in each group but they do that and if you end up being the weakest in the group you may fail even though you would pass in another group.

They mentioned only in passing...

January 8, 2019

One thing that might cheer you up:

There is no need to 'talk formally' in Cambridge exams. Cambridge examiners are friendly and relaxed, and speaking in everyday, neutral English is fine.

January 8, 2019
Hi Sue!! I'm from Argentina but my English level is B2. I'm preparing to enter the English Teacher Training College. I have to take an exam in March. My time zone is  (UTC-03:00). Send me a message if it's useful for you!!
January 8, 2019
No ladies around?
January 8, 2019