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Vioce file linked

I recorded two questions in english and korean to Zaman. 
I posted it in my blog. 
There is a voice file. If you want to hear, just click the play button in the player.
and leave a message. ^^* I am sooo shy.

Jun 24, 2008 5:14 PM
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thank you. ^^*
June 30, 2008
its ok ,, ask as many questions as you want..

I think that 'sole of foot' and 'base of foot' are equally used..     somtimes people use 'bottom of the foot' ..  

Anyways, i think its better if you say the sentence above like this 'I applied the tinea plaster to the sole of my son's feet'
June 29, 2008
I said " I applied a tinea plaster to the sole of a foot of my son's." ggg
Thank you for your feedback.  Suddenly, reading your response, I become have another question. which one is more common between "base of a foot(base of  foot?)" and "sole of a foot(sole of foot?)"? ggg
Sorry for asking frequently.
June 27, 2008
I know its hard for a shy person to speak over a mic... so you must have lots of courage,, thats great =].
Also your english is very good. I could understand you clearly except for that one word i mentioned above heh.

anyways, thanks for taking the time to record your voice. Bye for now. 

P.S i recognize the song in the background. Its nice~  I remember hearing it in the drama.
June 26, 2008

Ok your first question was:

Q: 'which one is more common to use,  tinea or athletes foot' & how to pronounce t-i-n-e-a
A:  There is no doubt that athletes foot is used more commonly than tinea. I think a good amount of people don't even know what tinea is haha. Also, tinea is pronouced [tee-ni-ah] ... hmm kind of like 티니아.

For the second question, im not exactly sure what you said...  
Q: Is this sentence correct: "I apply the tinea plaster to the ???? of my sons" 
A: There is nothing wrong with that sentence., but I don't know one of the words you said in the sentence.. to me, it sounded like ''...plaster to the solo book of my sons'. I think you meant the base of their foot. Anyways, sorry i couldn't understand  you at that part.

I hope this helps you out. Take care~

June 26, 2008
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