My healthy lifestyle (please correct me)

My healthy lifestyle

Every day many people is in Hospital who are effect diseases. They are treated and hoped to be cured. At there the diseases attack the people such as stroke, cancer, respiratory trouble, diabetic, heart attack etc. They spend a lot of money to be cured. It is caused by bad healthy lifestyle. Therefore healthy is most important for human life. So I want to share you how to apply Healthy Lifestyle

In the mornings my wife goes to market to buy some food like rice, vegetables, fruit and meats. After that she cooks to our meals for breo.akfast, lunch and dinner. Our meals always contain carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. We can get carbohydrates from rice, corn, potatoes and wheat. Furthermore Protein gets from meats and milk. Whereas vitamin and fiber get from fruits and vegetables. All those are needed our body. Hence We have to eat to stand off life

Usually I'm doing exercises 3-4 times in a week. I always do running, swimming and cycling. But i sometimes play football, volleyball, basketball and futsal with my friends. That is important to keep our body still fresh and healthy. Moreover we can burn fat of our body. So that we are can avoided from serious diseases.

In the weekend I and my family usually go to tourism place. We go to sarangan lake, mojosemi park, tawang mangu forest and water fall, lawu mountain. At there we can enjoy fresh air while eating our meal, refresh our mind and take a selfi photo. Sometimes we go to mall to shoping. That all are my ways to avoid stress in our body

The body unhealthy and weak easy are  attacked diseases. It is caused by the bad habits that always be our lifestyle. Smoking, consuming alcohol, eating junk food and drugs are the examples of bad habits. Those are causes cronic diseases. For example heart attack, pneumonia, high blood pressure and diabetic. So we have to avoid the bad habits

The conclusion the prevent is better than the cure. Many of the ways to keep our healthy. It is your choice, how to live your healthy lifestyle
Mar 20, 2019 11:17 PM
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March 21, 2019
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