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Does anyone have this problem? Once I have finished food shopping (Grocery shopping if you're American) I want a takeaway! 
Mar 21, 2019 5:17 PM
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I agree with Shani.  NEVER go shopping without a list or on an empty stomach. (But sometimes the list grows as I push the trolley :-))
March 21, 2019
Hi @Shani! Haha I love your wisdom! Definitely don't shop on an empty stomach! Yes it is strange, I wonder why we are like this?
March 21, 2019
I'm pretty sure it's 'have' @Zuhaib 
March 21, 2019

Hi Andrea,

Yes, it happens to us all the time!  It's crazy, isn't it?  A fridge or pantry full of food and we want to order something.  I also don't do my grocery shopping on an empty stomach - that is definitely a mistake, lol. 

Have a nice day,


March 21, 2019
Haha yes! The more you push the trolley, the more that food "magically" appears into the trolley! Especially the chocolate aisle. *Puts hands on face*
March 21, 2019
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