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Which characteristic describes you best? Why?  Please give details and examples to support your response.

Check one characteristic  that truly describe you from here :

1 - self-controled

2 - forgiving

3 - intelligrnt

4 - supportive

5 - friendly

6 - competent

7 - logical

8 - courageous

9 - creative

10 - clean

11 - honest

12 - loving

13 - ambitious

14 - cheerful

15 - reliable

16 - independent

17 - broad-minded

18 - polite

Follow this format :

In my opinion, supportiveness(...) is the attribute that characterizes me most accurately. I have two reason.

First, I think I am supportive(...) because I... and I... . For example, I...... . 

Second,  I am a person who... and... .  For instance, I've...... .

So to sum up, I feel I am supportive(...) because... and... .

Mar 23, 2019 6:08 PM
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Secretive in a way that hurts me most of the time 
Loving but i don't show my feelings 
Loyal but i leave when someone hurts my dignity 
March 23, 2019

I am (not in order): 

18) Polite- I think I'm polite because I always choose my language/choice of words carefully, especially when I'm talking to people who are older than me and I am still diplomatic even if I'm already very angry

13) Ambitious- I am ambitious and competitive, especially when it comes to my athletic career (I was also ambitious when I was still a student) . I always aim for high scores and I admit I always want to break my own record and I get dissatisfied when I cannot get high marks. I'm very passionate about achievements and I really work hard or chase something if I really like it

7) Logical- I can say that I am logical because I barely let my emotions control me, and I never make (permanent) decisions whenever I'm too happy or sad or when my emotions are extreme. I always think of the pros and cons before I would commit to something. 

March 23, 2019
I agree with Kholood's 1st answer, I am also secretive but more because I enjoy my privacy and I feel like I'm not obliged to let everyone know my business
November 8, 2019
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