What is your favorite TV show or movie in English?

Hey, guys!

I’m Kseniya from Moscow. Let’s discuss your favorite TV shows or movies. I’m really fond of severalXD There were only cheap soap operas when I was a child (in 90s), but now OMG you can choose whatever you want.

My favorites are the first season of True detective, Fargo, Big little lies. Do you like it? What films do you prefer? And where are you from?

23 Mar 2019 18:19
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Hello. I prefer movies or TV series. What topic do you like ?? 
23 Mart 2019
Of course its Game of Thrones... magnificent show. I have also read books and they are even better than the series. Have you watched it? Nice to meet you, also living in my city =))
23 Mart 2019
Try watching "House MD" :D It's one of my favorite series and will help you a lot to understand English/American humor. I would also recommend "Prison break" if you haven't watched it. 
23 Mart 2019
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