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an interview in English

Do you have experience on interview in English?

How was it? How did you prepare for it?

26 mar 2019 03:01
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I always make sure that I do research on the company that I am applying for, companies like that, it shows that you are interested in their agenda, and may be a likely candidate. Many people also get caught up in trying to land the job that they do not stoop to think about what the company has to offer them: the office dynamic, your actual job and where it can lead (if you have plans of climbing the proverbial ladder), etc. Be honest when they ask certain questions that make you feel as though you were part of some kind of a psychological study, well you are, and the questions are designed in such a way that if you give them what they want to hear, there is a built in fail safe that will inevitably tell on you, so honesty is key. Just to name a couple, lol!!! (sure did just text talk) 
26 marca 2019
I have had hundreds of them. Only two were successful. 
26 marca 2019

it was way back when i was not good at english. I forced myself to speak english and it led me stuttering and other person easily triggered this.

I learned that i don't have to be the perfect person, i can be being myself and still become the best version of myself. Afterall i m giving interview to human not computer or robot. so i can enjoy the process while do what is necessary to make the way i want it

hope it helps


26 marca 2019
Is the entire interview in English or do you just expect to be asked a few questions to verify that you speak the language? I am often asked to answer a few questions in Spanish on my interviews to verify my fluency. I prepare for the typical Spanish questions (how and why did you learn the language, translating a brief topic and then I prepare three expected interview questions that i would get in English (I'm in the US) and practice answering them in Spanish at home before the interview. Good luck.
26 marca 2019
Well, just stay calm and be VERRRRY polite. Good luck God bless
26 marca 2019
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