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Japanese Group Message? 日本語グループメッセージ? Was wondering if anyone had an interest in a Japanese group chat? Just to share memes, info, have casual text conversations in Japanese and support each other?

If you are native Japanese you could also feel free to ask for help with English/any language other group members speak.

It is less pressure because there are many people and you can think before you type! If you are interested let me know what apps would work best (whatsapp, skype, group me, line, etc)



Whatsapp と Skypeとgroup meとlineできます。

ありがとうございます。Thank you!

2019년 3월 27일 오후 2:02
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I am already running a group on HT. But we meet usually once or twice a month on Skype. It is a structured meeting. HT group is great for asking questions to native Japanese and English speakers. Membership is by invitation only, though. 
2019년 5월 21일
Me WhatsApp 
2019년 5월 20일
If it's LINE, then I'd like to join. My username is: soldoutactivist
2019년 5월 20일
That's great, i speak English fluently but i will love to learn Japanese, this is my line ID"happy-life007" , you can add me to the group. Thanks, 
2019년 5월 20일
Can i join? I have line.
2019년 5월 20일
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