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Learning Japanese Im trying to learn Japanese, and learn more about the culture. If anyone can help me, I can help with English in anyway I can!
2019년 3월 27일 오후 9:48
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I am very serious and disciplined, I think we have to use the maximum of this tool.
So I'm looking for serious people who really want to learn and teach.
No conversations just by text and no training of speech and listening.

I want to get in touch with people who have Skype to dial at least 30 minutes (15 for your language and 15 for my language) of conversartion a week.
2019년 3월 28일
Hello, I am looking for native English speakers.
I wanna be able to speak English.
I can help you with your Japanese.
Feel free to message me if interested.
2019년 3월 28일
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