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Hi I am new member Hi,  everybody ! I am a new member. I am speak Arabic fluently. I want to learn English Can I get a partner.
Mar 31, 2019 12:02 PM
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Hello Huzeifa, welcome to this community! I'd like to give you some hints how to use this website to improve your English.

1. If you want that other users can send you messages, go to your privacy settings and change your contact permissions from "friends only" to "anyone".

2. Write a little introduction in your profile, so that potential partners get interested in you.

3. Check out the other language partner requests in this forum and reply to those you find interesting.

4. Take part in the discussions in this forum. This is a good place to practice English.

5. Upload notebook entries to receive corrections and correct notebook entries by Arabic learners.

I hope it's ok if I give you some suggestions for your post. Please use punctuation marks,. This will make your posts more readable:

Hi, I am a new member. Hi, everybody! I am a new member. I speak Arabic fluently. I want to learn English. Can I get a partner?

March 31, 2019
Hi you are welcome :-)
March 31, 2019
Thank you Luana and Miriam
March 31, 2019
you are welcome
March 31, 2019
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