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2019年4月3日 08:01
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I will try again later it was about the dictionary definition by a google search saying "convey" = "to transport or carry something or somebody to somewhere" VERB. Possibly causing learners to ask  can we interchange the two words in these sentences questions. 

But there is more to it than that. The discussion was to encourage learners to deep deeper. To read as many example sentences as possible, to explore the history of the word "convey".

I had ten sentences with gaps to fill with either "convey" or "transport" and on one sentence either word would have worked, although on the either sentence, it would have started a typical italki disagreement amongst us. 

Some sentences were easy some were meant to make people think. Some sentences had a second part to the sentence which would have shown what word to insert.

Noooo! Now I'll have to die without ever knowing what your discussion was about.

Ignore ignore italki Crashed AGAIN!!

Good luck

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