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Josiane Akounda
Progressive and non-progressive verbs! what is the difference please? and the different meanings?
4 de Abr de 2019 às 09:07
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Sometimes it is helpful to do a web search on grammatical terms in your own language.

English and French are not as closely related as "the Romance languages" (French, Spanish, Italian) but they are cousins. 

If I search on "French progressive tense" I find:

Le présent progressif : être en train de

See if it helps.

4 de Abril de 2019

There are simple and progressive (continous) verb tenses.


- I drink coffee.  = Je bois du café. [habitude]

- In the past, I would drink coffee.  = Autrefois, je buvais du café. [habitude]

- In the past, I drank coffee.  = Autrefois, je buvais du café. [habitude]

- Yesterday, I drank coffee.  = Hier, j'ai bu du café. [action terminée]


- I am drinking coffee.  = Je suis en train de boire du café  [action non-terminée].

- Yesterday, I was drinking coffee when my friend called.  = Hier, je buvais du café quand mon ami m'a téléphoné.  [action non-terminée].

There are dynamic and stative verbs.

- to drink (un verbe qui exprime une action)

- to like (un verbe qui exprime un état)

4 de Abril de 2019
Thank you so much for responding. 
4 de Abril de 2019
My level is c1 advanced 
You are welcome 
You can send me an add request or a message if you are interested 
4 de Abril de 2019
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