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Wanna practice Portuguese Can teach English/Russian/Ukrainian
4 เม.ย. 2019 เวลา 14:52
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Hi! l'm Barbara (Brazilian from São Paulo)! It'll be very nice learn together, exchange our languages, experiencies, and improve ourselves skills.
4 เมษายน 2019
In condition that you want to practice English 
My level is c1 advanced 
You are welcome 
You can send me an add request or a message if you are interested
4 เมษายน 2019
Let's do it! I'm Brazilian e I think I can help you and you help me.
4 เมษายน 2019
Sure, let's practice. 
4 เมษายน 2019
I can help you.
19 มิถุนายน 2019
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