Want to learn French and German <p>Hi italkies,</p><p>I was reading one article and after I finished, I felt like I should learn French and German. And this is the first time when something like this came in my mind. </p><p>I am just wondering, could anyone tell me from where to start. Of course, I will google it. But, any kind of inputs from you guys will be really appreciated.</p><p>
</p><p>Thanks,     </p>
7 เม.ย. 2019 เวลา 15:34
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That's the best website for starting to learn German: <a href=""></a>
7 เมษายน 2019
You could just start French and German with Duolingo as well.
7 เมษายน 2019
This is my favourite French teacher online and that's a beginner course: <a href=""></a>
7 เมษายน 2019
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