Problems with the messenger? Does anyone else have problems sending out messages today? I tried the app and the website. Neither worked.
9 de Abr de 2019 às 07:23
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Ok, now it works again. When I tried to reply to one message this morning, I thought that the user was blocked but then when it didn't work with others, I found that it was weird (unless I was blocked, hehe). Ok, good that the messenger is back again.
9 de Abril de 2019
Messenger worked fine, but I can't like or dislike discussions. But I can like/dislike the comments. For example: I cannot like/dislike Miriam's discussion, but it works for Terecia's comment.
9 de Abril de 2019

Not working on my desktop on two different browsers, even after I cleared the cookies from the last 24 hours. Not cool.

Update: I just did another refresh, and it suddenly showed multiple copies of the same message as just delivered. Still not cool.

9 de Abril de 2019
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