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Abrar Jamous
how do you understand this proverb ?

Hi everybody I am trying to translate an Arabic proverb, so I want to see if the translation is good. please tell me what do you understand from it;

" a monkey child is Gazelle in his mother eye" or "the mother sees her monkey child a Gazelle" Best :))

12 เม.ย. 2019 เวลา 17:38
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Gazelles are beautiful animals.

All babies and children are innocent and beautiful.

Every mother believes that her child is the most precious, beautiful child in the world.

So, even if the baby is not beautiful (looks like a monkey), the mother still sees a beautiful gazelle/a beautiful baby.

"a monkey child is Gazelle in his mother eye" PERFECT or

"the mother sees her monkey child AS a Gazelle" 

12 เมษายน 2019
To me, it says something like every mother sees her child as almost being flawless, and can't judge objectively.
12 เมษายน 2019

Does this proverb exist in English?

"Eyes are afraid, but hands are working"

It means that the work is only looked big and difficult, when you start working you forget worring. Your eyes may make you upset, but your hands can manage everything!

13 เมษายน 2019
Abrar Jamous
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