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2019年4月17日 17:46
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Im confused. You asked this on Italki? Lol

CALM DOWN! you need to recognize that your parents care about you! Just be happy that they love you unconditional! 


Jason, do you have a better topic?

Maria, I don't know a quick solution:((( If I can say anything useful, it is more about what happens over years.

Namely: you have two goals, not one. First preserving the good things you have. Second, obtaining freedom. 


       I understand how u feel. In my past my mom also don’t want me to be an artist or drawing a picture . They want me to be a doctor or an accountant. But I try to explain with the reason. That time i had big agrument with them too.But have to take time , be patient and don’t give up. Maybe you no need to told them what u would like to do.and keep doing to reach your goals. 

         If your parents really didn’t listen what u said, so u give them a choice. For an example:  Can u give me a time try to do this , if I doing well  and success so mom and dad have to support me but if I cannot do that well so I will do that u would like me to do. But when u give a choice u have to sure that u can do it very good 

80-90% so after that u can doing what u want because u proof it already. Maybe it’s hard time but u have to work hard with your passion . Don’t give up and keep doing. I believe that you can do it.  

It depends on how old you are. If you are preteen/teenager, then it makes sense. However, can you please explain your situation?
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