Which country men? My friends asked me: Which country men in the world know how to love women the most! And I didn't have any answers because I didn't know, You answered me, hihi, New love day for everyone
24 أبريل 2019 01:25
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Hi Milan

I'm sure, It doesn't depend to the country! It's an inner feeling. Love is love. It doesn't change from one place to another place. Love doesn't know the time and place!

24 أبريل 2019
I don't believe it is anything to do with nationality. Not all Italians are the same. And not all British, French etc are the same. It is to do with how a man is educated to behave to women, This depends quite a lot on the example he saw from his parents. FOr example if a man sees his father behave badly towards his mother he may do the same (but not always). That is my opinion. If a man is taught to respect women (or all people actually) then he will be a great husband and father.
24 أبريل 2019
It's so complicated. 
Loving a woman hasn't correlated to nationality of men.
And also there are a few questions.
How do you want to be loved? 
And in other hand how a man wants to be loved?
Are their demands the same?
How much do you know about each other demands?
You see it's so complicated.
But I love my wife as well as she does
And we are very happy
And I wish you the best
24 أبريل 2019
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