Nancy Nguyen
What does a English native speakers wants from language partners? This question might make some people confused because we deeply understand that we join in the italki for learning a new language. It means that all speakers want to study, to speak and to improve a language according to this point of view. I totally agree with this opinion that why I was glad to know the italki and created an account.

I am a newbie here and I have never ever bias to anyone or any nationalities. And, I don’t want to be rude and impolite. This topic doesn’t aim to English native speakers who are truly active, serious and humble language partner.

Some of English native speakers, not at all, are finding other kind of partnership, not just language. That was awful.

I had 2 male language partners who come from U.S and UK. Firstly, we made friends in the italki and shared other way to communicate and chat. The English man will come to my country next month and wants to learn Vietnamese, so it is ideal for both of us. We shared imessage numbers.

After greetings and introduction, he requested me sending picture to know more each other. I thought It was ok because I could see who I was talking with and it was a friendly way to partnership. He sent to me his pics (portrait, face image) and I did. But after that, he requested a bikini picture. I felt so surprised and thought that it weren’t reasonable for a new friend. I tried to make his emotion down a little bit by asking something but he replied that he couldn’t talk anymore without my bikini pics or my legs image. OMG. I felt so shocked. I thought this was not about culture issue anymore.

I asked myself what he is looking for from a language partner. He disrespected me as well as the sprits of the italki. If he needed other kind of partnership, he might move to other forum to meet his demand. I’d be silent but I don’t want someone continues like that.

Apr 26, 2019 11:22 AM
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I think you'll find that it's not just native English speakers pretending to want a language exchange but really hoping for pictures or flirtation. Many women, or really, anyone who indicates she's female, will receive marriage proposals, indecent propositions, and flirtation from non-native speakers of English from various countries in several continents.

In fact, in my experience, people from a few non-Anglophone countries who seem to send the highest percentage of inappropriate messages, but I won't name them here. You can probably guess by looking at your own messages from strangers where they're from.

So I think this is a problem of opportunists taking advantage of the platform, rather than one of native English speakers --- in particular --- who hope for "something more". It's too bad you had that unpleasant experience. Report, block, and move on.
April 26, 2019
If I were you, I would send a bikini picture of a hairy guy.  The risk is that that person might be into that sort of things.
April 26, 2019
Don't be surprised but 95% people on the language websites don't  look for language partners. Some of them are scammers. Some of them want to flirt.  I have blocked about 150 men on Speaky for two months but  these two language partners whom I found there worth these efforts. They are really good language partners.
I wish you good luck in your searching for language partners. 
April 26, 2019

Dear friends and teachers,

I sincerely appreciate your discusions about this topic. Reading your comments make me believing that still there are respecful learners trying to challenge new language every day just like me. It shouldn't affected by bad guys disrespecting the non-native speakers in exchanging language. I am so glad to share my opinions with you guys from various countries. Thanks the italki. 

Here I've also learnt new vocabularies from you (I check my dictionary) and very nice sentences and words/structures. 

All I want to that newbies understand this issue and take care of messaging or making friends with weird/fake speakers. They might wanna speak a language but not seriously enough and here it's just small social, still bad guys. One more thing made me angry that  English man will come to our country in next July, I don't want him making a muck of ours by his behaviors. 

By the way, let's move on and thank you so much for sharing!


April 27, 2019
I use three language exchange apps. I also met a lit of scammers and weird people. 
I'm focusing on practice speaking English, so I usually ask sending their English audio message first. Then I can understand who is fake English speakeres. I met some fake English speakers who pretend gender, age, nationality, and pictures.
You can see some  romance scammers faces online.
April 26, 2019
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