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My writing about dse examination. HElP.I am the new member.
The best part of my job
Becoming the famous news reporter, I can meet diverse background persons, like the chief executive, who is Lam Cheng Yuet Ngor. Asking for some questions to her when I am doing the news interview. It is time for me to get the general ideas. I present the news in front of the cameras when it was on live.

The biggest challenging I have ever faced in my job
As I remember, I became a news reporter on the first day for me to report the news about the typhoon 8 in Hong Kong. Although there were raining and lightning, I must stand in the Tsim Sha Tsui pier to report the news on TV. To be honest, it was unstable for me to stand in the pier, and I need to grab the railing to present my news. But, being reports should be a professional attitude to present news until finished the work. This was the biggest challenging work that I became to be a reporter.

My school days
Look back to my school days, my school have given a lot of opportunities for me to become ’the campus reporter’ when I study in junior.
For being the campus reporter’, I can access different teachers, who are the new teachers to come to our school for teaching. They like to share their funny things when they teach their students.
It was my first time to interview my new teachers. My school took part in taking photos and videos, while I interview other teachers and post those to the school website.

How become a news reporter
As far as I am concern, if you study the journalist and communication subject, it is the basic requirement for you. It is more vital for you to have a good attitude when being a journalist. Having responsible, on time and good communication skills, these are the important tips for you to work at press.
Apr 28, 2019 3:26 PM
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