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Finding Native English Speakers Hi, I am Julie, from China. Now I am an English teacher in a middle school. But I still want to improve my spoken English, if you are a native English speaker and you want to learn Chinese, feel free to contact with me, hope to see you here. Thank you.
29 apr 2019 13:38
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Alice: Julie said “…if you are a native English speaker and you want to learn Chinese…”. She did not say “…and you want to make me pay for you to tutor me.” In case you wanted to know, italki community members don’t really like it when you offer to “help” without making it clear that you charge for your services. (Or are you offering to help for free?) One more thing, are you aware that cutting and pasting the same comment on multiple threads is defined as spam in the terms of service?

30 maggio 2019
29 maggio 2019

i really want to learn chinesee language,it's interesting. can you teach me chinesee language?

29 maggio 2019
feel free to talk with me
29 aprile 2019
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