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Is it possible to talk with someone in Spanish via Skype today through Italki?

I think I'm a little confused about how to reach my target audience on Italki. I'd like to talk to someone in Spanish this morning--either as part of an exchange, or by paying them as a tutor. I'd just like to try it out. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Creo que estoy un poco confundido sobre cómo llegar a mi público objetivo en Italki. Me gustaría hablar con alguien en español esta mañana, ya sea como parte de un intercambio o pagándoles como tutor. Sólo me gustaría probarlo. Cualquier sugerencia es apreciada.

3 maj 2019 17:39
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You could reply to posts of Spanish speakers who want to learn English:

You could use the language partner search tool:

For finding teachers and tutors you go here:

Here are some tips on how to look for language exchange partners:

Also, you currently don’t allow others to send you private messages. To change that, switch your contact permissions in your privacy settings from „friends only“ to „anyone“.

3 maja 2019
I believe you get 3 free trial sessions to try it out. I look for Spanish speakers (community tutors) and then book the 'lesson' and pay for it. I don't need lessons, but I do need to practice speaking Spanish and to listen to native speakers speak it as well. This way I know I'm going to be speaking & listening to Spanish for an hour while getting to know some very nice people from around the word. I've tried language exchanges (free) but about 1/2 of the people with whom I've arranged a pre-set day and time never follow through. The community tutors don't usually charge too much and I find it's worth it .
4 maja 2019
Hi Elizabeth! We can have an English-Spanish exchange if you like. I am not available today, but this weekend I will be free. Feel free to write me if you want to practice. We can talk tomorrow. Cheers!
3 maja 2019
Thank you all so much for your help and offers of conversation. I had a very enjoyable chat with someone this morning (Saturday)--not the instant gratification I was looking for, but I think I'm on my way.
4 maja 2019

It is also better if you arrange an appointment ahead of time. Just use the private messages for that once you have found a partner.

3 maja 2019
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