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Who has had success finding a language exchange partner on this website? What was your experience? I've been trying to find a language exchange partner but seem to be getting no responses.
4 de may de 2019 15:14
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Italki isn't an instant chat tool and people can appear online, even if they're not actively browsing italki. There could be a window open with italki on their browser. If they use the app and are logged in, they also might appear being online, even they're not.

4 de Mayo de 2019
Well in my case, I found 3 language partners to practice with, they are from Taiwan, UK, and the United States. We usually practice on weekends through Skype and WhatsApp, I help them with learning Spanish and in return, they help me to enhance my English. Even though it took some time to have language partners at the beginning, now I can take advantage of this kind of app, Very useful.
4 de Mayo de 2019
For German or for another language? As a native English speaker you should get a lot of requests but it's difficult to find German language partners. There are some things you could do:

- write a little introduction about yourself and what kind of exchange you're interested in, in your profile

- correct English notebook entries by speakers of your target language

- browse through the forum and see reply to requests from speakers of your target language, like this one:

Here are more tips on how to look for a language exchange partner:

4 de Mayo de 2019
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