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50 very common phrases in English 01- How are you?

02- How's it going?

03- How (are) you doing?

04- I'm fine, thanks.

(I'm good.) (I'm great.)

05- what's up?

(Hey, s'up?)

06- Not much.

(Nothing much.)

07- what have you been up to?

(Busy.) ( I've been really busy.)

08- How/What about you?

09- Long time no see!

10- where are you from?

(I'm from _, but I live in _.)

11- How old are you?

(I'm _, years old.) (I'm _.)

12- Nice to meet you.

(Nice to meet you too.)

13- Are you on Facebook?

14- Can I have your phone number?

15- take care!

16- see you later!

17- have a nice day!

18- I'm learning english.

19- I'm working on my english.

20- My english is a work in progress.

21- Sorry, I don't understand.

22- Could you repeat that?

23- Sorry, what did you say?

24- Could you please speak more slowly?

25- what does it mean?

26- what do you mean?

27- How do you spell that?

28- Did you get it?

29- let me try again

( Let me rephrase that.)

30- How's your day going?

( How's your day going so far?)

( Pretty good, thanks!) ( Not so good.) ( Not bad.)

31- when did you arrive here?

32- when did you get in?

33- I like your bag!

( I like your hair!) (I like your shoes!)

34- you look amazing!

35- what do you do for a living?

36- what are you up to?

( Nothing much, Just paying some bills.)

37- beautiful day! Isn't it?

38- It looks like, it's gonna rain.

39- pretty nice place! Huh?

40- what's this?

41- How much is this?

(How much are these?)

42- may I have a coke, please.

43- where can I find a _?

44- How do I get to _?

45- no way!

46- that's amazing!

47- really?

48- I see.

49- that's ok.

50- sorry?

(Excuse me?)

May 5, 2019 1:50 AM
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