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William Eggerton
Вопрос о русской грамматике

Всем привет!

I have a quick question about russian grammar.

I understand you can use На + Accusative in the sense of "For" and you can also use Для + Genitive

So which is correct?


    Эти цветы на выставку

    Эти цветы для выставки


May 5, 2019 3:10 PM
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Both are correct actually.

You can say Эта картина на продажу / Эта картина для продажи. Эти документы на собеседование/ Эти документы для собеседования. 

The circle of words that you can use this way with HA is a bit limited though.

May 5, 2019
I wouldn't say it's better to use one or another - the more grammatical structures and collocations you can apply to practice, the faster you improve in your target language.
Anyway if you aren't sure which one to choose, use для:)
May 5, 2019
So it is better to just use Для?
May 5, 2019
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