How do you pronounce this -> A' in English?
Very basic question. I would like to know how do you pronounce A' in English (including this simbol ->'). This can be used in geometry, for example, when I am referring to a segment AA'.

Is it "A prime", "A line", "A dash"?

Thank you!
6 مايو 2019 19:26
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In math classes in the US fifty years ago, this was called A prime.

6 مايو 2019

It depends on where you come from.  It could be A (as in uh) or A (as in eh). Both would be correct.

A dash

6 مايو 2019

A prime.  If you said "A line," I would probably think of "A bar." "A bar" has a solid horizontal line above it.  I tried to copy and paste it here, but it didn't work.

By the way,
A''= A double prime
A'''= A triple prime

6 مايو 2019
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