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Somebody for practicing English (conversation).
Hello All, I am studying English. I am Peruvian. I would like to practice with somebody to improve my fluency in the English language. 

9 de Mai de 2019 às 06:11
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Hi Oskar! I've love to help you improve your English! Feel free to take a look at my teaching profile and book a trial lesson to see if we're a good match. Good luck!
9 de Maio de 2019

Hi there!

There is an English group on Telegram for practicing English with more than 2k members!

Here's the invitation link:

9 de Maio de 2019
I can talk to you if you are interested
9 de Maio de 2019
I can talk to you if you are interested
9 de Maio de 2019

Hello Oskar!

I'm a new teacher on Italki and I'm looking for anyone intrested in conversation lessons. I guess that it's quite difficult to decide who to contact from the never ending list of teachers here. I found the forums, so I thought that I might try to reach out to someone in person.

I've been teaching for 8 years, even adult learners in a language school. We can talk about any topic you are interested in, I can prepare some vocabulary material or we can stay worksheets free. We can discuss newspaper articles, current events, culture and so on.

I'm not a native speaker, but my English is not just from textbooks, I talk in English with friends every day. In fact I use English more than my first language. 

The only thing which will give away that I'm not a native speaker is my central European accent.

If you are interested,  let's try a trial lesson and you will see.

I'm actually available at almost any time, I'll adjust my availability in the schedule according to your possibilities. Just let me know.

All the best,


9 de Maio de 2019
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