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structure of the writing - can you help revise of offer some suggestions for the following writing?
Internet is a great invention. Internet changes our life. Whether it is good or not, it depends how we use them . 
With internet we can have the lessons from all over the world from coursera ,edx, etc. We can learn the knowledge from the great universities such as New York University, Harword University and Peking University. For me, I live in China but I can learn a law course from coursera at home . The course is offered from Penisula universit, which can’t happend without internet. I can also watch US tv shows through internet to learn english. My friend Jimmy can find an answer for many questions that happened in work by searching from internet.  
However, if people can’t make good use of internet, there will be big problems. Many peolple are addicted to cellphones. People who uses cellphone for more than 16 o’clock may have a big problem on their sleep. And it will effect their physical body health. Sometimes when people send messages and surfing on the internet even they are face to face. They are not willing to talk to each other . And parents spent more time on internet instead of accompany their children . The kids will feel lonely. And the reading and writing skills decreased because children spent more time on internet games . A boy named Tony, killed his mom because his mom stopped him playing internet games. What a pity.   
All in all, I think internet is still a great invention. But it is a tool. People should make a good use for the internet then we will make a great improvement .  

May 9, 2019 7:01 AM
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