How do you stay motivated? It seems like we have a lot of people here who learn on their own and some who also use a teacher, or some who use a teacher, but only every so often. For those of you that do not have a  constant class you go to, how do you stay motivated? How do you decide what you need to learn next? Is there a schedule you use? What about any specific apps for learning or videos or websites? Is it only when you feel the desire to do so, or do you force yourself to study even when you do not want to? What keeps you going in your language-learning journey?
May 9, 2019 7:53 PM
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As psychologist i want to say that motivation is for beginning. Over time, motivation fades away and you need to cheer yourself up.  Or find a good company and encourage each other.
May 10, 2019

Every day I read a newspaper and I read some more pages from my book.  That is now a habit.

Habit is not about motivation, it is like cleaning your teeth, you do it out of habit.

I speak to positive people.  If negative people try to talk to me I reject them, tough but true.  I speak a lot to the same people so we become part of each other's lives, friends who chat weekly, a habit.

I don't write much but when I do, I write simple stuff so I get positive re-enforcement.

When I watch youtube I watch stuff that interests me, make it positive.

May 10, 2019
For me, my motivation comes from making small achievements. I usually set goals for myself to achieve that are small enough that I don't get discouraged but significant enough that they make me feel good about my progress. If I am learning from a teacher in the given language, then if it is relevant, I will tell them as an extra encouragement to make sure I follow through. 
May 10, 2019
When I was without teachers, I was confused about different sourses of information, tryed to study from all of them at the same time, became bored and finished soon. When I have teachers and English course, I became bored from their exersises and dream about future when I will free from them. I think, it is important to have teacher and scedule, if you can not organize everything by yourself. And when someone praises you, it can help not quit everything, when you are desparete about not progressing.
May 9, 2019
As a Spiritualist, I am aware that our sub-conscious thoughts, and the things that we say about ourselves and others, have a big impact on the reality that comes into existence. I always use "affirmations" every day. I tell the universe positive and amazing things because that is what I want to attract in life. I stay humble, and I try to live in gratitude as well.  By doing this, I will attract like minded energy (people) to me. With regards to motivation,  whatever the desire, if the goal is aligned with truth, love, and gratitude, it will be that much easier to manifest.
May 10, 2019